Beach and Woodland at Holkham

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The area of Norfolk around the dunes and beaches of Holkham is a delight for photographers with countless opportunities to make stunning and creative images. The light along the coastline can be fantastic with a luminous quality as it is reflected from cloud and water, tending to lend pictures a painterly character.

We will start of with a coffee and a chat about your photography experience and equipment, which will give me a chance to advise you about which lenses and camera settings will be suitable for the day. We will talk about picture opportunities, and how to see these in the landscape with composition foremost in the mind. 

The session will be a chance to set aside your routines and try to capture fresh images which are interesting and original. An opportunity to be in the moment and forget the usual constraints of picture making, shooting with care, but shaking off the normal, sometimes self imposed pictorial constraints.